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Agriculture and Water Quality Workshop

The Biofuels and Climate Change project, led by Dietrich Earnhart, professor of economics at KU, recently hosted an Agriculture and Water Quality workshop at KU. Biofuels and Climate Change is part of the Kansas NSF EPSCoR major initiative Climate Change and Energy: Basic Science, Impacts and Mitigation.Panel Experts

The workshop featured the following presentations by four regional experts on the control, modeling and management of surface water quality:

Edward Carney, environmental scientist with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment; Nutrients and Lakes in Kansas (pdf)

Walter K. Dodds, University Distinguished Professor of Biology at Kansas State University; Some Potential Effects of Agriculture on Values of Ecosystem Goods and Services (pdf)

John Downing, professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology at Iowa State University; Agricultural Eutrophication: Notes from the Upper Edge of the Nutrient Spectrum (pdf)

and Jack Jones, the J. Michael Dunmire Professor and Chair of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at the University of Missouri. Cropland and Reservoir Trophic State Relations (pdf)