Group photo, Manhattan, KS June 2011


2nd Annual Program Review
NSF EPSCoR Kansas Center for Solar Energy Research

The Kansas NSF EPSCoR Center for Solar Energy Research hosted the 2nd Annual Program Review on June 12-14, 2011 at the Kansas State University Alumni Center.

John Harrington, Jr., professor of geography at K-State, and Hector D. Abruna, Director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell University, gave the plenary talks.

Program Agenda and Event Photos

In addition, scientists representing K-State, the University of Kansas and Wichita State University gave updates on all of the projects within the Nanotechnology for Renewable Energy project, which is part of the major initiative Climate Change and Energy: Basic Science, Impacts and Mitigation.

Their presentations are available below:

Kristin Bowman-James - Overview

Francis D'Souza - Photoinduced Processes of SWCNTs

Judy Wu - Photonic and Plasmonic Nanostructures for SCs

Jun Li - Theme 2 Overview - Energy Conversion Solar Electric and Fuels

Keith Hohn - REU in Sustainable Energy

Keith Hohn - Theme 3 Overview - Conversion of Biomass into Fuels

Ken Klabunde - Photocatalytic Water Splitting

Ken Klabunde - Theme 4 Overview - Holistic Systems Design

Mark Richter - Theme 1 Overview - Energy Capture and Catalysis at the Nanoscale

Mark Schneegurt - Open Pond Genetic Fingerprinting and Algal Biodiesel Production

Charles W. Rice _NSF EPSCoR Energy Group

Susan Williams - Modeling Properties of of Biodiesel and Blends

Victor Chikan - Flourescence intermittance of P3HT-CdSe Nanorod

Judy Wu - overview Y2

Also attending were members of the project’s external evaluation team:

Héctor D. Abruña, E. M. Chamot Professor Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Baker Laboratory, Cornell University

Danielle Julie Carrier, PhD Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering University of Arkansas

David K. Christen, Group Leader, Superconductivity and Energy Efficient Materials Group Materials Science and Technology Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Peter M.A. Sherwood, Regents Professor and Dean College of Arts and Sciences Oklahoma State University